Weekly Class Schedule

Small studio class sizes make it easy to get lots of one on one attention, from deep hands on relaxing yoga touch with aroma therapy and hot stones, to gentle posture corrections and modifications, Jodi is here to provide top quality yoga service to you and your friends. You’ll find complementary fresh hot tea and energy clearing sage available each class and granola bars for purchase should you need a pick-me-up after your workout.

Must love cats! This studio has two loving resident cats that join for practice when you arrive, sometimes they will lay on your mat and join you in your practice.

When you are here you are a friend, led in your practice with love and respect, given all the tools to truly let go and find yourself on your path.

$10 Cash


Saturdays 10-11am nourish the soul with Yoga

Wake the body slowly and stretch out all the aches from the week with this beautiful morning yoga class. Gentle, beginner friendly, lots of one on one attention, props, soft at ease music and warming tea to get your weekend started right.
A blended class: Iyengar/rolfing/hatha/restorative/yin

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Tuesdays  6:15-7:15pm  Comfy Cozy Yoga

If you’re anything like me, needing R&R at the end of a busy day sounds like bliss, now add comfy pillows and hot stone massage to that and were really talking heavenly!!!
I’ve crafted this class to be for any one who just wants to be comfy cozy and work out all of the strain from their day. Hot therapy stones are placed during postures to warm and and relax the body.
Gentle postures that go slow and deep alleviating pain and tension throughout the body. Stress melts away and the mind grows clearer as we sip warm tea and feel the calm in the space.
Cheaper than a massage and more mindful than a hot bath this class is designed for a detoxing the brain and body. Melt away in a beautiful space and enjoy you’re yoga practice again. No flow, no hot rooms, no power sun salutations, but just enough movement to keep things interesting and engaging.
The absolute best beginner class for literally EVERY body.
Wheelchair accessible!!
Come in comfortable clothes, day old make up, and bring a pillow & blanket if you want to. Bring wine if you want and enjoy in company as we bring out the first day in a long week.
Seriously, messy ponytails and five o’clock shadow welcome, just get here 🧘🏽‍♂️

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Wednesdays 6:15-7:15pm beginner Meditation with Restorative asana

Enjoy the zen of the cat as we sip on hot tea, enjoy mellow musical vibes, and allow the kitties to join in our practice. Beginner meditation focused on grounding and lightening the daily load of burdens we walk around with. Essential oils and respectful yoga massage will deepen the sense of relaxation as we soften the breath and calm the mind. Bring a blanket, pillow, eye mask, or anything to make yourself more comfortable. Props are limited on site.


Thursday’s 10-11am Gentle Java Yoga Flow


Join Marilyn as she brings together her two loves - drinking coffee and yoga! Both can provide comfort, warmth, vitality and rejuvenation- what better way to start your day? sip your morning brew while you practice a gentle vinyasa flow with deep stretches that will empower and uplift you. mindful breath with movement will guide you through the class and aide of props and easeful hands-on assists that will deepen and open your yoga practice to new possibility. Coffee and tea will be served or bring your own! Beginner friendly.


Friday’s 10-11am Vin/Yin Flow


VinYin, also referred to as Yin Yang Yoga or Yinyasa, combines the flow of a Vinyasa practice with the soothing, restorative elements of Yin yoga. We will begin practice with some light vinyasa to get the blood flowing, generate heat in your body, release any stuck prana (energy) and come into our breath. This will help build strength and improve flexibility, which will prepare us for the second part of class. In the Yin portion, we will come down onto our mats and hold poses for longer periods, allowing us to really hone in on the connective tissues. We will end practice with a nice, long savasana. As a teacher, Kris takes careful consideration of the comfort levels of all practicing yogis, and will create a flexible class that is suitable for all. She will utilize essential oils through out the class.

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Adventure Yoga Retreat:

July 14-20 2019

Work through anxiety and stress with this fun and exciting adventure yoga retreat in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Horseback riding, whale watching, snorkeling, jungle excursions and much more. Food, lodging, and travel to and from the city are included! Pricing and details to come.