Weekly Class Schedule

Small studio class sizes make it easy to get lots of one on one attention, from deep hands on relaxing yoga touch with aroma therapy and hot stones, to gentle posture corrections and modifications, Jodi is here to provide top quality yoga service to you and your friends. You’ll find complementary fresh hot tea and energy clearing sage available each class and granola bars for purchase should you need a pick-me-up after your workout.

Must love cats! This studio has two loving resident cats that join for practice when you arrive, sometimes they will lay on your mat and join you in your practice.

When you are here you are a friend, led in your practice with love and respect, given all the tools to truly let go and find yourself on your path.

Classes range from $10-$15

Credit Card Purchases +$5

Wheelchair accessible



Tuesdays  6:30pm 60mins

Restorative yoga with Hot Stones and Massage

Restore in a beautiful space and enjoy hot tea, soft mantra music and supportive props.

Gentle postures and slow movement to help alleviating pain and tension throughout the body. Stress melts away and the mind grows clearer as we hold relaxing poses with the support of props. Hot therapy stones are placed during postures to warm and and relax the body. I use respectful soothing yoga touch during postures and end class with a yoga massage.

The absolute best beginner class, best for those who are in need of R&R, recovering from injury, or trauma.

$10 per person


Fridays 11am 60mins

iyengar Restorative yoga

Drop into deep, satisfying stretches and precision alignment with the help of comfortable yoga props and gentle respectful touch.

I have designed this class specifically for those looking to relieve tension and chronic pain though the body and mind. Created for after workout fatigue, burnout prevention, and general headspace maintenance, we move slowly and mindfully though gentle postures.

Designed for the very beginner to advanced yogi/yogini there is something for everyone to learn and experience.

$10 Per Person


Thursdays 6:15-7:45pm 75Mins

Yang Style Tai Chi

The class, taught by long time tai chi practitioner Michael, will be divided into two 45 minute segments: Chi Gong followed by the practice of Tai Chi form. For beginners to advanced, classes are on going and students new to the practice are always welcome.

Tai chi has been described as "moving meditation", we will focus on two types of practices: Chi Gong is 'stillness looking for motion' and Tai Chi is an example of 'motion looking for stillness'.
Wear comfortable clothing, socks or cloth sole shoes for indoor use, (no every day shoes in the studio please.)

$15 per person


Friday 6:30pm (10/11/19 & 10/18/19)

Saturday 11am 60mins

CBD Infused Restorative Yoga

Enter a deep state of relaxation in this CBD infused restorative yoga class. CBD oil can promote sounder sleep, reduce inflammation and pain, fight stress and anxiety, and improve general health. Cultivate a deep sense of wellness as we work though restorative postures with guiding yoga touch ending with yoga massage using CBD lotion absorbed through the skin. CBD oils and lotions included and used with students during practice. We move slowly and gently through the poses.

$15 Per Person