To be humble, paying homage to the earth, the sky, and each other.

Michael and Jodi Sibilia were married in 2015 brought together by their mutual love of photography. Together they developed a deep  working partnership under the umbrella of healing work and spiritual practice and education. Their love of nature and environmental awareness helped them foster a sustainable home and live off of the land as much as possible. They are both educators of the visual arts and holistic wellness.



Jodi is a certified yoga instructor, children's yoga teacher, New York State certified visual art teacher. With over a decade of experience in teaching she earned her Masters in Education with the desire to educate students of all ages, how to self express and build the resiliency they need to accomplish their dreams.


Michael has been a practitioner of Tia Chi for over 25 years and practices Vipassana meditation. He is a well known photographer, photographing mans mark on the natural world and environment as well as cultural awareness and the effects of poverty in central America. His work can be viewed on permanent collection in the museum La Luz in San Salvador.