Our greatest joy, watching students transform their lives.

Jodi is a life-changing instructor. Her empathy and compassion are limitless. She expertly guides me (both body and soul) through her weekly restorative class. I feel renewed after class, and this renewal lasts into the next morning. What a pleasure it is to wake up the next morning with no stiffness, tightness, or sensitivity. Thank you, Jodi!


I had the honor and pleasure to do yoga on horseback with Jodi and Relay. What an awesome experience. Jodi was kind nurturing and supportive. Relay was calm, relaxed, patient and extremely tolerant of me being on his back. I mounted the horse tight and tense and dismounted feeling limber, relaxed and stress free. I truly enjoyed their company and this incredible experience. I highly recommend giving this modality of yoga a try!!


I enjoy attending yoga in this beautiful studio. I enjoy having the cats spending time in the studio as well. I appreciate the reasonable fee charged for classes here. I find the instruction provided in class to be excellent, and with recognition that yoga is more than just physical positions.


What an absolute gem! Jodi’s class was individualized, therapeutic, and extremely inviting. The ginger tea, gentle therapy cats, scents, yoga massage, in a beautiful factory-loft setting made the experience amazing for my mother and I. We will be back!🌷


I am a beginner just starting yoga but after 2 sessions I'm hooked!! I never wanted to go to a yoga class because it can be very intimidating taking a group class when you are just learning. Jodi's classes are smaller and personal. She makes you feel right at home! When I leave there I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next obstacle that comes my way!


Wonderful yoga studio with great classes and perfect space. I highly recommend Jodi's class with a method she developed of yoga & horseback riding, my ten years old daughter did yoga poses on a horse and it was incredibly empowering and fun for her. Jodi is a patient, compassionate and encouraging teacher and I'm looking forward to my kids and I to take more classes with her.


"Lovely, just lovely. I have been to a few classes, all the teachers are really gifted. It certainly is a place to take care of yourself and feel at ease. After looking in the area for an authentic yoga experience, I have finally found one!"



"I went to a restorative yoga class for parents. It was really great. Got stretched out in a peaceful and welcoming way. Jodi is a wonderful teacher and guide. I need to do more restorative there for my aching body and it's so convenient to my home in Peekskill."


"I've never done yoga before and this was my first class, I will admit that I was skeptical but after taking a class with Jodi I feel so much better. I came in with pain throughout my body and left with great relief. Thank you so much for being here."



"This was the best class I've ever taken. Seriously. Thank you."