Student Testimonials

Our greatist joy is watching students transform their lives though learning and exploring our teachings, that and building long lasting relationships with everyone who enters the studio. Here is what some of them have shared with us.



"Lovely, just lovely. I have been to a few classes, all the teachers are really gifted. It certainly is a place to take care of yourself and feel at ease. After looking in the area for an authentic yoga experience, I have finally found one!"


"This class was here waiting for me. The atmosphere I experienced at Niyama Studio was so peaceful and serene. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me, it is so beautiful to know that there are people like you in this world who love."


"I went to a restorative yoga class for parents. It was really great. Got stretched out in a peaceful and welcoming way. Jodi is a wonderful teacher and guide. I need to do more restorative there for my aching body and it's so convenient to my home in Peekskill."


"I've never done yoga before and this was my first class, I will admit that I was skeptical but after taking a class with Jodi I feel so much better. I came in with pain throughout my body and left with great relief. Thank you so much for being here."


"This was the best class I've ever taken. Seriously. Thank you."