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Yoga on horseback

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Saturday May 11, 2019


Adult/Teen Yoga on Horseback

$50 per person

RSVP only. Cash payment due at time of class. Makeup classes permitted on a case by case basis.

Classes take place at Hot to Trot Stables off of 301 in Cold Spring. Private Yoga on Horseback classes are one on one off of Greenhaven Road in Stormville at Raising Angles Farm and Agriculture
Jodi combines her passion for riding and yoga by offering a Equestrian Yoga practice; a Hatha inspired Yoga practice with an emphasis on the breath, prana, mindfulness and meditation. It also addresses the specific postures and movements of the horseback rider’s body and focuses on balance, flexibility, core strength, lower back, shoulders, hips and addresses mental and emotional blockage in the body.

Horses pick up on the emotional environment, including our own energy and are a true mirror of our emotional state. When our energy centers are balanced in harmony, horses and humans lead a healthier lives.

Join Jodi and learn how you can use your breath as an aid to stay in sync with your horse even when fear and nerves arise during a ride, or during your busy life.

Benefits of Equestrian Yoga

The yoga poses practiced, on and off the horse, will help you:

-Develop a deeper seat and lower your center of gravity by opening up your hips and building a stronger core
-Open up your shoulders so your arms can move more freely with the reins
-Improve your balance, being able to put more equal weight into your sit bones and stirrups
-Stay connected in the saddle while looking at that next jump or that cow you are working with
-Use your body, mind, and breath, to build that deep connection and relationship with your equine partner
-Improve your mental and emotional health by bringing compassion and acceptance of your place in the universe
-Deepen your self love and love for those around you.

Be the student – allow the horse be your guide!

Equestrian Yoga is suitable for all levels. Limited class size, 6 student max, you must sign up to reserve your spot, cash payment due on arrival.

What is included:
The class fee includes grooming, tacking, riding at the walk, yoga infused riding with yoga philosophy, and of course clean up and post ride grooming. Part of the fee goes to the stables over head and feed. Due to the small size of the horses and pony’s available the stable has requested a maximum weight limit of 200 pounds for our riders. If you really want to take this class don't let the weight limit stop you; simply message me beforehand and I will ask the stable if they have another horse and can accommodate.

What to bring:
Just yourself, you can wear riding pants or yoga pants just something appropriate for riding, a helmet if you want but we have them for use. Wear a nice fitting T-shirt and a sports bra for when we do some walking things tend to bounce. Bring your fee in cash and be ready for a fun comfortable practice with no stress or pressure. You can bring a bottle of water and what ever you personally need, there is a potty on site.

**We do this practice barefoot/sock footed, however closed toed shoes are required for anyone around the horses dismounted.

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